Alleppey: Venice of the east

Alleppey or Alappuzha is a popular place in Kerala and people from all over the world come here to bask in nature, enjoy the beach, see history and taste the local cuisine. There are 10 places that make Alleppey a preferred tourist destination and we have listed them out here.

Kuttanad backwaters

Backwaters are a popular sight in Kerala. They are peaceful, tranquil and beautiful. Kuttanad comprises iridescent waterways, canals, lakes, rivers and rivulets. The backwaters are surrounded by hills and the sea and are a sight to behold. Backwater cruising happens the best here. To add to the beauty of it all, paddy fields provide lush views to tourists.

Krishnapuram Palace

Tourists come here to know the culture of Southern India. It is highly recommended to spend atleast a day here and take a look around. It is situated amidst lush surrounding that promise peace of mind.

St. Mary’s Forane Church

When in Alleppey, visit St. Mary’s Forane Church as it is beautiful and goes back to 835 AD. The church is renowned for events, Friday Liturgy and educational institutions. Tourists must come and spend some time with God at this church. It also gives us a glimpse of the Christian life and serves as a pilgrimage.

Alleppey Beach

The wide stretches of soft clean sands and beautiful crystal clear water promises a perfect getaway at Alleppey. One can watch the sunrise and the sunset while at the beach and soak up lots of sun during the day. The beach is easily accessible and is clean. While at the beach, do visit Alappuzha Sea Bridge remains that stands as an epitome of the time gone by. This place had once served as a major port of Kerala.


This village is popular for its black granite statue of Buddha. The village is in close proximity of Alleppey and has played a major role in development of Buddhism. The statue based here does not have a left side and this is what makes it all the more interesting.

St. Andrew’s Basilica Arthunkal

The Basilica is based in Kumarakom, which is close to Alleppey and has a splendid architecture. It is also known for the annual festival called Arthunkal Perunnal, the feast of the patron saint. The green surroundings make it even more charming.

Marari beach

Another splendid location at Alleppey is the Marari beach. The village Marari is close to the beach and offers delectable food to taste and a fun filled day out at the beach. The beach is clean and has clear waters, which is ideal for swimming and walking.

Edathua Church

During the month of May, this church organizes huge feasts and people throng to this place to be a part of these celebrations.

Pandavan Rock

The rock is famous for its historical importance and people believe that the Pandavas had stayed here while they were on an exile. It is just right for a picnic with family as tourists have to walk in order to reach the rock and the walk itself is a nature lover’s delight.

Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple

Every year this temple attracts a huge number of devotees for its Kettukazhcha festival. The festival is colourful and divine. There are performances and animals are decorated for the festival.

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