Making use of hashtags effectively

Hashtags have become staple for social media marketing. They started with Twitter and are ubiquitous. The # sign when used by the book can initiate new avenues for you as they act like a bond, which holds social media marketing campaigns collectively. Keep it in mind that hashtags can be infuriating if not used in the preferred manner. How to use them in your favor, let us take a look.

Remember that there are no rules in place for using hashtags but unconfirmed data suggests that following a few guidelines with hashtags can increase your SMM rate.

Basics of your hashtag

When you choose a hashtag remember to keep it simple. Complex words are not search-friendly. Special characters are a complete ‘no-no’ and cannot be used in hashtags. Numbers can be used, for example #AroundTheWorldIn80Days.

Hashtags coalesce

Be it your website, advertisement on the TV or a campaign across the social media platform, hashtags can unify your campaigns. Every commercial has a hashtag displayed somewhere on the screen and if you search that hashtagged phrase, you will be led to more links explaining the campaign in detail and this is how you sell.

Put your hashtag to test before finalizing

You need to be sure that your ‘witty and different’ hashtag is not already associated with something. Do not be hapless in hashtagging. Choose an exclusive, yet appropriate, hashtag for your brand so that your business grabs the limelight.

Concentrate on the timing

There are tools galore that help you schedule Tweets when no one else out there is readying to converse with your consumers. However, keep a check on when will your campaign have the maximum impact and act accordingly.

More than one to hashtag

Hashtags unite and construct conversations. They are more than just words or better said more than just one word. They are a trend that does not seem to age. Promote engagement and enhance understanding by making sure people are able to use your hashtag the right way and it will do wonders for your campaign.

Customizing hashtags

Customizing hashtags can build a personal bond with audience and big brands do this often. The hashtag leaves very little space for tomfoolery leading to a clear call to action.

Use hashtags responsibly

There are rules for trending topics. The most important one is that your hashtag needs to be appropriate and relevant. Do not expect to draw attention by hashtagging trending topics with Tweets that are extraneous. Exploiting Twitterverse is not going to do any good as unpleasant Twitter habits can suspend your profile and will attract spammers and you do not want that. Facebook is a classic example of this. Facebook allows hashtags and people use them too much. In fact, it was noted that Facebook posts with hashtags had less engagement as compared to posts without them.

Hashtags on Google+

Damn the user count! Hashtags are becoming the key for Google and even if you do not assign one to your post on G+, it will assign one to your post on its own and make it searchable through the largest search engine in the world and you cannot turn a blind eye to this one. Can you?

It is your content and it needs to be found and wants to be found yet with so many of these being published every day, yours is becoming gradually more hard to find. But fret now, let your content, campaign and post deluge with hashtags and we have told you how.


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