Confessions of an Army wife…

Evolved yet longing to discover, strong yet an emotional being, palpable yet at times trying to take things in her stride, that is a woman and having an array of like traits along with these is an Army wife. For she is enriched, she is confident and she is a pillar of strength for many associated with her.

I almost daunted my folks when I told them that I am in love with a man who is a part of the OLIVE GREENS. Questions and more questions followed and I was all alone answering them with conviction because I had decided that being a journalist, I was ready to lead a family life and keep off my career for years.

Coming from a defence milieu, I had a reasonable idea of what it means to be a soldier’s wife and I was ready to take on the voyage full of thrilling escapades. Life was no easy game for me from the day I donned my wedding attire.

My husband was in RR when we tied the knot and he had to get back to the valley after 15 odd days of togetherness. I got back to work in Chandigarh and my civilian friends felt sorry for me as they gave me uncanny expressions saying, ‘here comes the lonely newly-wed bride.’ I was somehow prepared for this but I also got pompous gazes when they said, ‘Oh! Your husband is in the Army.’

Days passed and he got posted to Bathinda and my editor-in-chief mercifully sent me to Bathinda as a staff correspondent. I had just started enjoying my family life when he had to go for a three-and-a-half month course and I was again left all alone in a major’s accommodation and I had to do up the house on my own as he just moved me and the stuff inside and left, this was the first house I was setting up.

Then came all the responsibilities that an Army wife has to take up with aplomb. Ladies club, raising day, AWWA activities, family visits etc. I heard a lot of hullabaloo about these things. But it was a learning experience as you discover to manage, organize and gain confidence in yourself while doing these activities.

It has been over nine years now that I have been living this experience and I feel that no two days have been the same since I got married to a soldier. Whether it was taking the car’s delivery all alone, getting stuff packed and unpacked all by myself or living my pregnancy all alone and driving down to the MH all alone as my husband was in the field, every single day has just made me stronger and I am more evolved than yesterday, thanks to the Army.

And lastly, some of my most quoted lines; A life lived for others is a life lived worthwhile, rightly quoted by Albert Einstien but confirmed by a soldier and for being married to a courageous soldier, I am a proud Army wife.


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A writer, a traveler, singer, beer lover, coffee sipper, a mom, a wife, a dreamer and so much more..... I am here to express myself through this humble attempt of mine to reach out to so many people out there......

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