Change for the better…

After a long break, my daughter, who has never troubled me for going to school, started saying that she doesn’t want to go to school and argued her side giving reasons why she doesn’t want to attend school. This was the third time she did so. First was when I drove her to school and she showed me those teary eyes and a crying face and I had to give in and got her back and the second was when she refused to sit inside the car after dressing up for school.

Makes me wonder why our children start detesting school from such an early age. She is six! Probably, it is not school that they say no to, it is the education pattern being followed in our country since ages with absolutely no change so far. The CBSE had altered the pattern from year-end examinations to all-year assessment system but alas, because it created too much work for teachers, the decision has been rolled back.

The question is that is it right to give grades to children based on their scores in year-end examinations? Is it OK to give homework to children even for weekends when we are busy unwinding and relaxing.

A strong education system is the cornerstone of any country’s growth and prosperity. There are several downsides with our education system and it is time that the prevalent education system undergoes a sea change.

When was the last time we studied anything because we liked doing it not because we can quote a huge starting annual salary? Most of us became engineers because our parents took pride in telling the whole wide world that my child is doing engineering or studying medicine, whereas the child might have felt inclined towards cooking or exploring the world but the interest was nipped in the bud and the outcome is frustration that we pass on to our children.

Another consequence of the country being in the “survival mode”, is that the insecurities of the parents are passed to the children over time and the ultimate objective is to achieve financial stability in whichever way possible.

Odium to admittance that we are a nation of conformists. We do not have the spirit to take risks and indulge in adventure because our parents taught us to play safe always. We never explored China during ancient times and we do not want to venture out to Africa till there are jobs for us. Our teachers will label anyone different to be a problem child, I was one and thanks to their limitations as incomplete human beings. We are so scared that we even make our parents choose our life partners.

I know it is practically impossible to alter the education pattern that has been structured ages ago. But we can alter the way our children study at home and finish their projects. Let us not make them mug up Hindi maatras and make them recite tables one after the other. It is important that they learn why is 5×1=5 and 5×2=10. It is important to generate interest among them for various subjects so that even after 25 years, they don’t have a nightmare about mathematics exam, well, I do.

It is time we change how we perceive education and how we want our children to perceive it. I don’t remember Pythagoras theorem, but hell ya; I know how to be independent, confident, conduct myself, solve problems without getting bogged down by society, love by choice and make a statement when I know no one will support me for making it.



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