Up for some beer and sliders?

Sunday comes in about three-and-a-half days to be precise and if you happen to read this after that, well, no worries coz there is a Sunday every week and what better to do a beer-slider brunch at home with friends and family.

The other day I was talking about it with some friends and one of them said sliders….. can we call it ‘Kachi Dabheli’? Ya, sure because in India you might not get pretzel buns or the fancier varieties but you can sure get your hands on some paav buns and Kingfisher premium beer, atleast at this place called Ferozepur.

I couldn’t hold my culinary self and decided to share my own sliders recipe with some fine beer cocktails created by my loving husband.

Chicken sliders

One packet paav buns and don’t separate them. Cut across an entire loaf of paav buns from the middle like you would slice a cake from the middle for icing. Make mixture of hung curd mixed with very finely chopped garlic, fresh coriander, finely chopped jalapenos and chopped olives mixed with little salt. Make salsa by roasting full tomatoes on low flame for about three to four minutes and peeling off the skin, grinding it and adding finely chopped onion, green chilies, fresh coriander and a bit of fresh mint.

Cook small pieces of chicken in little butter with salt and pepper and add about 1/4th cup of white wine after about five minutes of sautéing the chicken. Cover and cook till the pieces are soft and done.

Now, spread the hung curd mixture on one side of the sliced paav loaf and top it with salsa layer and add cooked chicken pieces. Place a cheese slice (optional). Add some finely chopped onion and fresh coriander on it and cover with the remaining half paav loaf. Brush the top with butter and bake for about 10 minutes in oven (convection mode) at 180 degree Celsius.

Remove and serve!

(Do not forget to serve crisp french fries along…. Indulge)

Veggie sliders

Follow the first three steps mentioned in chicken sliders recipe. Slice onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and mix them with olive oil and herbs dressing with salt. Grill them for six to seven minutes in an oven on grill option. Now layer hung curd dressing on one portion of paavs, spread salsa sauce on it, add grilled veggies, put grated mozzarella cheese (people who wish to ditch cheese can do so), put some fresh lettuce and cover this with the other half. Brush some butter on top and bake for 10 minutes on convection mode at 180 degree Celsius.

Remove and serve!

Beer with sweet lime

Take a beer mug, fill it half with chilled beer and pour fresh sweet lime juice (has to be just squeezed as it tends to get bitter) till the top (pour sweet lime juice very slowly else it will ooze out). If you wish add ice and a teaspoon of fresh coriander juice. Voila, this is by far the most refreshing mix I have tasted.

Beer with lemonade

Add beer and home-made concentrate of lemon juice and ground sugar (the way you make desi nimbu paani). Top it up with ice and if you want, add a slit green chilly.

Beer and sprite

The classic mix of beer and sprite with a dash of lime on top is a no-fail combination.

Call friends over and indulge in some classic beery conversations with beer and sliders.

Cheers to Sundays!


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